Build experiences using design foundations expressed by UI regions, surfaces, and components that address design from both a broad and detailed perspective.


Utilize innovation and technology to deliver unified user experiences across platforms and devices on flexible foundations for brand expression.


Using adaptable connected workflows to support best practices of UX and streamline collaboration between designers and developers helping teams build better products, faster.

Design Strategies

I understand the impact of the research insights on the UX that enables user-centricity and create an outcome-based roadmap focusing on the vision. The vision is the ultimate north star and choosing what to do—and what not to do—is the definition of strategy.

Build Connected Workflows

I simplify the design-to-code process using a component-driven design approach to make products scalable, usable and easy to switch between design and code workflows.

Establish & Manage Design Systems

I believe a product's experience will evolve constantly with the user’s needs, challenges, behaviors, expectations as well as with new tools and technologies. I leverage design systems as the single source of truth allows multi-disciplinary teams to collaborative design, realize and develop to improve and scale.

Build RapidPrototypes

I use spatial and hierarchical relationships between elements in a users journeys by bringing everything closer to the final product as an interactive prototype to help ideate, test and get early feedback from the product team and test users.