Allow guests to make flight reservations and connect to their cruise

  • Showing competitive flight pricing and options.
  • Enabling a frictionless experience when booking Cruise+Air
  • Continuously grow Cruise+Air revenue by delivering a best-in-class platform
  • Innovating beyond the competition to set the standard for Cruise+Air booking on the web.

Project Info

What we’re solving

Enhance the Air Program, with the primary goals of:

  • ─  Delighting guests with competitive flight pricing and options
  • ─  Enabling a frictionless experience that will continuously grow Air and Cruise revenue bydelivering a best-in-class platform
  • ─  Enhancing the user interface
  • ─  Innovating beyond the competition to set the standard for cruise and air booking on the web
  • ─  Encouraging guests to book air through


How we’ll measure success

Ways that we will measure the success of this project include but are not limited to:

  • ─  No reduction in cruise booking
  • ─  Increase air conversions
  • ─  ROI on this initiative
  • ─  Decrease customer care calls related to air

Users need a reason in order to make a change

A shift in behavior is a lot to ask of users. They’re used to doing one thing — booking their cruise with you and their airfare with their preferred airline or travel website. When we ask them to change, we need to tell them why. Methods like consistent language throughout the funnel and key messaging at the right times can go a long way in communicating the benefits and perks of booking air. In addition, providing tools that make them feel that they’re making a smart, informed decision simplify their shopping process.


More and more, users expect their experience to be personalized. For Celebrity, personalization can mean a lot of things including: reconfiguring a guest’s homepage to book air after they’ve booked a cruise, serving up their preferred airline and other preferences based on their previous behavior or profile inputs, customizing positioning based on their persona, and much, much more. We heard this was an opportunity area during our stakeholder interviews and agree that personalization could have a big effect in motivating behavior change.


How we learned

Subject Matter Expert Interviews

We interviewed 14+ people to understand their perspectives and goals as it relates to the strategy for approaching this project. By looking across these stakeholders to understand commonalities and differences, key themes start to emerge.

Onboarding Resources

Absorbing all of the documentation and information that has come our way the past few weeks has been a top priority. We’ve been using a shared drive to digest things like personas, user flows, brand identity, voice guidelines, analytics, product demos, merchandising techniques, and more.

Landscape Analysis

Evaluating competitors (and even non traditional competitors) can help identify areas where we could ‘zig’ where everyone else is ‘zagging’.


UX Architect, Lead Designer, UXPO